Published saturday june 3rd, 2023

A word from Gezelligheid_

A word from Gezelligheid_

Why is it so quiet at BandiThemepark? Will it ever open? Questions you may all have. Gezelligheid has the answer

What's the issue?

Hi everyone, Elias talking. Aka. Gezelligheid_

You might have already found out that it is prety quiet in BandiThemepark. Not only on the server, but also on our Discord server
That has it's reasons.

Work work work

One of the reasons why it is so quiet at the moment, is that everyone in our team is getting older every minute.
And some of us are continuing with our lives and eventually find work.

That work becomes one daily activities. Even for me. I became self-employed, which takes a lot of work and time from me.

Stupid school

While some of us are already at work at our jobs. Some other members of our crew are still at school.
That means that they are in the bussiest moment right now: exams...

Is Bandithemepark stopping?

Hell no. When we have time, no exams and the fun is there, then we will continue with our passion!


Without you guys this won't work either <3


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