The NEXT generation of Minecraft theme parks

A Minecraft theme park server on Java Edition 1.20.4

Here to provide you with fun

We love having fun, and unless you are the Grinch, you must love doing so too.

That's why we've been working on a Minecraft theme park server, where you can forget your real-world troubles and have some fun.

At the forefront of innovation

BandiThemepark is using state-of-the-art technology (at least in the Minecraft theme park community).

We make use of technologies like Kotlin, Vue, and TypeScript to improve performance. Besides those, we also have a public API that you can use yourself and support for the SmoothCoasters mod to improve the experience even more.

And we are still innovating to this day!

So join us now!

By now you hopefully are convinced to join our server. (In the case you are not, read about what we've up to on our blog) You can do so by joining using our IP adress on Minecraft Java Edition 1.20.4. You can also join with the SmoothCoasters mod if you want to, to improve your experience.


The NEXT generation of Minecraft theme parks

Our server

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