Published wednesday july 13th, 2022

By Gezelligheid_

We are BandiThemepark

A server that was previously known as a Minetopia server. A minigame where players had the control over their own financial story inside Minecraft.
Eventually, the Minetopia server halted and got revamped to a Minecraft theme park server, currently known as BandiThemepark

Just a group of friends

How it actually started can be found on our about page. But in fact, we are just a group of friends working together on our passion for theme parks.
We want to be and deliver the NEXT generation of Minecraft theme parks and that is what keeps us together as a team: the same spirit and motivation for the same project!

Fun is what keeps us together

The most important factor to us is that we all have fun while building and experiencing!

Why is this blogpost here?

To be honest, it is quite useless and fun to read at the same time.
But actually it is there to resolve a nullPointerException


The NEXT generation of Minecraft theme parks

Our server

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