How to install SmoothCoasters

Improve your experience on BandiThemepark and get an additional bonus

Why install SmoothCoasters?

SmoothCoasters enhances the experience of riding rollercoasters and other rides on our server. It makes your camera automatically follow the movement of the ride vehicles, adds new ways of rotating your camera and also makes the rides smoother.

Besides all of these amazing features, you'll also get a small bonus on the server when playing.

So how do I install?

First of all, install Fabric for the version our server is on.

Then, create a folder named mods in your Minecraft directory. You are going to put the mods in there later.

After that, download the Fabric API mod and the SmoothCoasters mod. Make sure to download the correct versions for both.

Finally, place these two mods into the mods folder you created previously, and launch the game using the Fabric profile.

I can't get it to work

If you still can't get it to work, feel free to contact us on our Discord. There we can help you with any further issues.


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